Wave Viewer_ all-in-one solution_

wave viewer_ knowledge is power. show it off.

WAVE Viewer is the sales enablement tool that delivers real results, helping you to control the cascade of information securely and with ease.

If you are a marketing, sales or training manager, looking to SAVE TIME, REDUCE COSTS, MANAGE RISK, BUILD BRANDS and MAKE SALES, then WAVE Viewer is the app for you.

WAVE Viewer is the ‘all-in-one’ solution that lets you store, control, present, and analyse the cascade of your information quickly and consistently, in a single, simple-to-use app – promoting seamless marketing-sales alignment for improving sales effectiveness.


You can also manage and measure all of your sales and marketing via WAVE Portal, which helps you plan, build, target and cascade information more effectively, to get the right information in front of the right audience quickly.

Powerful insight and content analytics mean that you can test your content when presenting, and understand which aspects are working best for you and your customers.

And in doing so, refine your content to work harder for your brand in the future.


SUPERIOR FEATURES_ your digital advantage

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION _control, update, cascade consistent sales, marketing and training collateral quickly. Ideal for compliance and legislative requirement, saving time and money.

TRANSPARENCY _see which documents are used most – track sales or training process compliance. Pitch what’s working and present what’s approved and proven to work professionally.

SIMPLICITY_ simple view of everything you need to learn or sell in one handy tool that can be accessed any time, any place, anywhere.

SECURITY_ secure API link which means you can add, store and share content, without WAVE hosting. Sensitive information can be self-hosted on your companies own system.

COMPLIANCE _ enables you to control what is being presented to your customers, ensure that the correct content has been used, and map and track compliance with the process.

USER ANALYTICS_ gather user data, maximising market spend. Analyse detailed insight on individuals within each group. See who’s presented which documents and connected on a better level with desired user groups, building trust.

OFFLINE ACCESSIBILITY_ mobile solution that you can use anytime, anywhere.

ALL MAJOR FILE FORMATS SUPPORTED_ use existing collateral and maximise marketing spend.

MULTIPLATFORM FORMAT_ easy to access up-to-date content on tablet, mobile and desktop, for authorised users, saving time and resources.

LOOKS GREAT_ make an impact and improve brand perception.

Sell more. Stand out from the crowd

The most advanced, secure and efficient way to ensure your team and customers have the most relevant, up-to-date information at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.


For a demonstration of how WAVE Viewer can help you improve engagement with your team and audiences or for a free download for up to 5 users and 500MB space*, CONTACT our team at OceanBarefoot for full details*

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